Kevin, it really is a pleasure to be in your class. Not only because of the knowledge you have about our craft but there is a one to one that you give each student. How you do it at times is beyond me. In addition, one of the big things I love about your class is the humor that flows. 

Barb (Mesa Arts Center)

Just wanted to say how much we all enjoyed participating in your classes; we all learned so much!

Catherine (Miami)

Not only have I broadened the scope of my work, I've increased my confidence and skill level under your guidance, Kevin. Your patient, humorous approach definitely worked for me!

Nancy (Chicago)

I don't think I have laughed so much in a workshop! Genie (Kansas City)

Your presentation was inspiring, I appreciated the range of work and your research interests. Jon (Kansas University)

Your workshop was awesome! Marianne (Oklahoma City)

Student Feedback from Workshops and Masterclasses