The Montana Governors Conference on Tourism

April 15-17, 2018

Kevin O'Dwyer - Artistic Director of Blackfoot Pathways: Sculpture in the Wild - has been invited to present at the annual Montana Governors Conference on Tourism and Recreation . O'Dwyer's presentation will focus on the development of Lincoln, Montana as an Art Destination. Blackfoot Pathways:Sculpture in the Wild will celebrate its 5th anniversary this year with a program of visual and performing arts. The program has continued to attract world renowned artists and create a cultural tourism hub in a rural community. With over 20 years of experience in the development of arts programs in rural communities, O'Dwyer will share his thoughts on creating an arts destination that provides opportunities for culture, education and commerce.

Artist in Residence 2015/2016

Blackfoot Pathways:Sculpture in the Wild

Blackfoot Pathways: Sculpture in the Wild

September 14 to October 4, 2015


Royal Dublin Society Category winner

Metalwork 2015

Royal Dublin Society Category winner

​Iron and Metalwork 2014

Art World Innovators - Podcast

Recent interview with presenter Susan Cohn

​​UMFM Radio, University of Manitoba 

Archaeologist Griffin Murray and metalsmith/photographer Kevin O’Dwyer are combining their expertise to create a high-quality coffee table publication that features O’Dwyer’s exquisite and atmospheric photographs and Griffin Murray’s in-depth story telling of the history and folklore of the shrine. The 90- page publication will feature full- and double-page image spreads, antiquarian drawings and descriptive metalsmithing close-ups.

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Montana Memory: Re-Imagining the Delaney Sawmill TeePee Burner (Vimeo)

Click here to see new work from Silver River Studios.

Design Diplomacy at Helsinki Design Week 2022 featuring Kevin O'Dwyer and Jaakko Pernu on Wednesday September 7th at the Irish Embassy,Helsinki, Finland. Helsinki Design Week’s popular conversation series is again part of the festival programme: Once again, Design Diplomacy will open the doors to ambassadors’ residencies and invites the most interesting people to visit and engage in conversation.

Jaakko Pernu is a Finnish sculptor and environmental artist living in the city of Kokkola. He has been working since 1988 with natural materials - often in an oversized scale. Lately he has been working mostly abroad creating public works around Europe, Canada, USA and Taiwan. Half of his production is permanent environmental art although he makes indoor objects and installations, too. The theme of his work is “the influence of human on nature – the influence of nature on humans”.

Kevin O' Dwyer is an internationally exhibited artist whose works embrace the fields of design, metalworking and sculpture. His ultimate goal is to create a work of art that is timeless, thought provoking and responsive to the human spirit. Over the past twenty years, O’Dwyer has collaborated with communities to revitalise their brownfield/industrial sites using art as a conduit. Artists have been invited to create significant site-specific works of art using the materials - natural and industrial - that are associated with the community's economic and cultural traditions. Education, community engagement, sustainability, access for all and the creation of an alternative eco-friendly economy within the community are key factors in its design and development.


Architectural vessel

Making our Mark

Pratt Fine Art 40th Year Exhibition

Bellevue Museum, WA

Fluid Forms - Liam Flynn

Coffee Table Book publication featuring the artwork of Liam Flynn. Curated and managed by Kevin O'Dwyer.

​ Launch Date: December 2020

​Artistic Direction/Curation

60 Degrees sculpture installation is featured in Thames and Hudson publication Destination Art by Amy Dempsey.

The book explores Land Art worldwide in urban and rural settings.

​I created 60 Degrees during the 2002 Lough Boora International Sculpture Symposium.

Interview with Kamm Teapot Foundation 2023

The artist Kevin O’Dwyer (American/Irish, b. 1953) has received international recognition for his work which ranges from holloware and jewelry to photography and large-scale outdoor sculpture. These creations reflect not only his keen interest in modern architecture, but also a fascination with antiquity. For over forty years, O’Dwyer has made “art that is as structural as it is organic, both solid and fanciful, sprinkled with imagination and a dash of hard-edge design.” It is very clear that this is a skilled individual who mastered his craft. Each design is “timeless, thought provoking, and responsive to the human spirit.”
See full interview at: https://kammteapotfoundation.org/kevin-odwyer-interview
Kamm Collection has one work by O’Dwyer called Rocking Teapot (1995). 

Blackfoot Pathways:

Sculpture in the Wild and Kevin O'Dwyer

receive prestigious 

2020 Governor's Arts Award

Montana History Foundation celebrates Montana Memory: Re-Imagining the Delaney Sawmill TeePee Burner.

Lincoln, Montana

Coffee Pot

Sterling silver with Rosewood Handle

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Blackfoot Pathways: Sculpture in the Wild receives the 2019 Montana Heritage and Cultural Tourism Award

Fine Silver Bowl

Hand raised - Repousse

Irish Glass Biennale

2023 Irish Glass Symposium April 27th and 28th

Creative Resilience: Advocacy and community building through educational and glass practice.

Keynote speaker: Kevin O'Dwyer

Creativity, Collaboration and Community - A Personal Perspective

Saint Manchan's Shrine
Art and Devotion in twelfth century Ireland​​

Tenth anniversary of Blackfoot Pathways: Sculpture in the Wild

As part of their 10th anniversary celebrations of BPSW I have been invited back to Sculpture in the Wild to make a new land art sculpture for the park. The sculpture will be made of Core Ten steel and native pine. I will be working on-site during the month of September (2023). Additional information on upcoming eventshere

Recent metalsmithing workshop at Universidad de Chile, Santiago, Chile. Great class! 

Olive Oil Dispenser

Sterling Silver with Hidden Hinge mechanism